Prayers for Pooches is a non-profit networking organization.

It was formed to raise awareness and fundraise to help shelter dogs get fostered and/or adopted by working with established rescue groups and individuals.

Abused, abandoned and neglected dogs are a huge problem, and it is not getting better.

Sometimes these guys are lucky and end up at a no-kill shelter where they are given adequate time to be placed and are not in danger of losing their lives, but more often these poor, defenseless dogs are in shelters that are over-crowded and do not have the animal's best interest at heart.

Sometimes the unfortunate ones are not even put up for adoption before they are put on the Euthanasia list.

They are labeled as unsocial or with behavioral problems and deemed as un-adoptable, without any consideration that this could be due to the trauma they have endured, and the fact that they are scared and lost.

Please share our mission with others.

It is so important that we reach out to everyone to get help for these animals.

There are many ways people can help...sharing, pledging, fostering and adopting.

There are many, many caring people and organizations out there who work very hard to make this possible.

Our mission is to help them continue their amazing work.

Promoting hope and love for abandoned, neglected & abused dogs.

Our goal, our mission, our passion is to help rescue pooches of all origins from a fateful life of abandonment and hopelessness.

To do so, we will find, fund and promote the rescue of animals from the fate of euthanasia to find healthy happy homes.